1. Participants can either register online or on the spot.
  2. Successful confirmation of payment will entitle the participant to a delegate card which is mandatory for entry into the campus and subsequent participation in any event.
  3. Participation in all cultural, literary and fine arts events are free to registered delegates.
  4. Online registration: Rs. 800
    On the spot registration: Rs. 1000
  5. For Online Registration:
    Click on the "CLICK TO BUY DELEGATE CARDS" button below and confirm your tickets.
  6. All the registered delegates must bring two passport size colored photos and their college IDs. Failure to produce either of the above will result in annulment of registration.
  7. All the rules and regulations regarding registration and delegate cards are under the discretion of Team Pyrexia and AIIMS Rishikesh and can be changed at any time.

For further queries, please contact at:

  • Rameshwar Gaykwad: 7248322088
  • Bhoomik Gupta: 7351941660
  • Anjani: 9416077375