Pro Nights

DJ Night - DJ Basspatch

9th May 2019

8:00 PM

Get ready for a night of absolute trance as the charismatic frequent Sunburn performer - DJ Basspatch is set to ascend the stage and ignite the first few scorches of Pyrexia 2019.

Be there to catch the thrilling vibes and let the sheerly hypnotic aura consume you!

The Viral Fever (Comedy Night)

10th May 2019

9:00 PM

A spectacular night of rib-tickling fun awaits you as India's much-loved comedy group, The Viral Fever, gears up to take the stage on the 10th of May 2019.

So get ready to laugh all your worries away!

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to see your favourite comedy icons live!

Night with K.K

11th May 2019

7:30 PM

It's time to gear up for something absolutely stunning - get ready to feel the beats create ripples within you and let the music warm the cockles of your heart.

Here's presenting a performer who needs no introduction- India's most mellifluous voice and the incredibly talented singer, KK!

Band Night - The Local Train

12th May 2019

7:00 PM

When your pulse synchronises with the beats of the drums.

When your legs won't stop till you jump high enough to see beyond the horizon.

Let the mania envelop you as THE LOCAL TRAIN gives you the goosebumps of your lifetime.

Flow in the rapids as the beats decide your direction.

DJ Night - DJ Perisha

13th May 2019

9:00 PM

When Perisha will land her feet on the grounds of AIIMS rishikesh, the temperature will shoot up like never before!

Catch the flames if you can and watch the dance floor sizzle on her beats!

Introducing our first DJ for the festival - DJ PERISHA.

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