Day 1:

Matki Phod

Timing: 3 PM
Price: Rs. 40/person

Let’s see what happens when we take out one of your senses………. Your ability to see. Are you ready to break the matki???????

Make sure you have a trust-worthy friend to guide you.

Lift Kra De

Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.50/ 2 member team

Come on!! Grab your partner and hop on the newspaper to dance. Let your body move to the beats of music, till you lift your partner high up in the sky. But wait……….

Are you still standing up on the paper below your feet?


Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.10/ person

No, this is not your regular, boring dart. This is Darts with a Twist. Let’s find out!

Day 2:

Tresure Hunt

Timing: 4 PM
Price: Rs. 150 per 3 Team

Are you a Harry Potter fan???? Make your team of three and get on the hunt to uncover the hidden secrets before others.

Jalebi Bai

Timing: 11 AM onwards
Price: Rs.30/ person

This is a perfect game for Desi Jalebi Lovers. Eat all the lazzeez jalebis faster than the rest, but only with your mouth. No hands allowed.

Mine Sweeper

Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.30/person

Exercise your cerebellum and tone your legs, for you have to walk through the path loaded with mines.


Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.40/2 member team

This is a target shooting game with ping-pongs and cups. The more you and your bestie hit the target, more the opponent team will pay.

For sure, nobody wants to drink that SECRET POTION.

Day 3:


Timing: 3 PM
Price: Rs.50/person

Shout out to all the Selfie lovers. Get your fancy phones but keep your eyes on the track, Cuz you’ll never know where your next clue might be.

Blind Date

Timing: 4 PM
Price: Rs.100/person

We’ll fix your date randomly with another person (thanks us later). Spend some time with each other and grab some snacks. But this is not just a date, it’s a competition.

Chipak Chipak Ke

Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.20 /2 member team

Time to get more closer to your Friend. Have fun with the great balloon run game.

Day 4:

Beg Borrow Steal

Timing: 11 AM
Price: Rs. 150 / team

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Do anything to get all the items on your list in given time. Maximum 3 members should be in your team.


Timing: 3 PM
Price: Rs.300 /3 member team

Embrace the Foodie in you. Food lovers, it’s time to test your appetite. Your team will have 3 members so eat as faster as you can.

Clay and Say

Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.20/ 2 member team

Ever wondered, how good is your perception? Guess the item your friend had made, before time runs out. Coordinate mind with hands…….. let art and logic become one.

Mad Gab

Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.50 / 3 member team

It’s not what you say, it’s what you hear. Put your eyes and ears to test as you decipher funny puzzle made up of pictures and words.

Day 5:

Sack Race

Timing: 4 PM
Price: Rs.20/ p erson

Unleash your inner Kangaroo, but on the tracks in a sack. We’ll see how fast you can run.


Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs. 50/ 3 member team

You think no one can beat you in ‘Gola Catta’……… Beware cuz we have different plans for you this time.

Favus Pyramidus

Timing: 10 PM onwards
Price: Rs.30/ person

Everyone loves balloons but then there’s always a catch. Test your knowledge of physics and revise the anatomy again cuz your Buccinator muscle is gonna build a pyramid.

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