1. Accommodation will be purely on first come first serve basis and separately for boys and girls
  2. Accommodation charges for in campus accommodation :-
  • Common room - ₹150/head/day
  • Two rooms flat for 4 persons - ₹1000/day
  • Single room with attached washroom for 4 persons - ₹800/day
  • Single room with common washrooms for 4 persons - ₹600/day
  • Free for all Aiimsonians in the common rooms.
  1. Accommodation starts on 25th April. Payment is to be made before a room is allotted.
  2. Accommodation will be provided only to those people with delegate card and preference will be given to those who will stay for the entire duration of fest. Preference will be given to large groups from the same college than split ups.
  3. Delegates will be provided with mattress, bucket and mug for which security amount will be taken.
  1. The accommodation timings and rules must be followed strictly by each delegates residing inside the campus, any violation of rules will not be tolerated at any cost.
  2. Delegates are expected to behave professionally and maintain discipline in and outside the campus. Any misconduct or unlawful activity will lead to disciplinary and police action.
For further queries contact :
  • Nitin : 8607575009
  • Arun : 7351866093
  • Manohar : 9756231163
  • Nisha : 7248349710
  • Prabhleen : 8283829581

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